We are proud to announce that TAS will from now on donate a percentage of our sales to a charity called "Be The Good". A local charity in Fraserburg, Northern Cape (A small town in the middle of the Karoo)

BElieve THEre is GOOD  in the world
An initiative to help disadvantaged children with learning and everyday life.
I am a teacher at a primary school in a small Karoo town, called Fraserburg. It is a rural area where unemployment, poverty and alcohol abuse are an evident part of society. Teaching children from this community is teaching children who lack the basic needs like clothing, food and health facilities. They have very limited resources and a low standard of living, therefor certain essentials like stationary, school uniforms, shoes, a school bag and warm clothes cannot always be afforded.
Malherbe Human Primary is a “no fee” school which implies that parents do not have to pay any school fees, thus the school is partially funded by the government and there is a daily feeding scheme at the school for 600 children. For some of them it is there only meal of the day.
Many children only have one parent or lives with a grandparent, older sibling or relative while mum or dad works on a farm during the week for an income. Adults get monthly grants from the government for their children, but the whole family lives from the R400 (€25) per child per month.
In our school I have to and WANT TO BE more than a teacher.
 In fact the curriculum is secondary. I cannot teach a child if they do not feel save and happy in my class. For some it means a hug, for others a listening ear, for some a pencil, others warm clothes or shoes. Their challenges and needs are basic, but vital for learning. Everyone child needs to feel loved and know that there is someone they can turn to for help.
I have to BE THE GOOD.
Since 2017 BE THE GOOD has:
Raised funds to help a boy with Cerebral Palsy to get a new appropriate wheelchair for school.
Organized two groups of learners to go to Specsavers in Beaufort West (170km away from Fraserburg) to have their eyes tested and receive spectacles.
Raised funds to sponsor children’s bus fair to take part in athletics in Springbok (600km away)
Networked with schools and friends to gather used stationary and schoolbags for our children.
Warm beanies, scarfs and gloves in winter.
Registered the whole school for Santa Shoeboxes in 2018.
Gathered second hand evening wear from friends to help the girls to get dressed for Gr 7 Farewell and Matric Ball.  
Showed random acts of kindness – birthday presents, stationary, warm coats, new shoes, medicine, toiletries, a sweet treat.

Your support is greatly appreciated and makes a substantial difference in these children’s lives.
Thank you for sharing our story and BElieving with us that THEre is still GOOD in the world!

If you would like to donate directly to the charity, feel free to contact Danél at danelvdm@gmail.com